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Resounding Triumphantly

Book Title: Resounding Faith: Embracing Modern Music in Children’s Ministry

Author: Sam T Rajkumar

Publisher: Omega Book World

Pages: 129 pages

Review by Fr. Carlos Luis SAC

Embracing modern music in children's ministry can be a wonderful way to engage and connect with today's younger generation. Incorporating contemporary music styles can make the worship experience more relatable and enjoyable for children, fostering a deeper connection with spirituality. Sam T Rajkumar systematically presents to us ways and means to embrace modern music and then incorporate it into children’s ministry in his book, Resounding Faith: Embracing Modern Music in Children’s Ministry.

First of all, he advises through the book that we need to understand our audience which is primarily, children and the younger generation that is fleeing away from the Church. Thus, understanding them and their mindset would be a quick and easier way to get them back to the Church and address their spiritual maladies. Younger children might enjoy lively, simple tunes, while older kids might appreciate more complex melodies. And still older generation may enjoy the traditional music that the Church is otherwise used to. So we need to be also informed of the cultural relevance a certain music has on the children. It is necessary to stay informed about the music trends popular among children. This might include genres like pop, hip-hop etc.

To help reach out to children we need to also train and gather resources to cater to our children. So ensuring a team that is capable of playing or singing modern songs is also required as per the author. It is also highly essential that we utilize technology. And how can we do it? by embracing it. Utilize music software and apps that can aid in creating contemporary sounds.

The author gives an example of how he managed to lure the children with his creative way of putting the same words in different but attractive tunes keeping to the trend. So it is also necessary to choose songs with positive, meaningful lyrics that align with the teachings of Christ. There are many contemporary Christian songs specifically written for children. And these songs should be interactive enough. So opt for songs that involve actions, because interactive elements keep children engaged.

Collaborating with Youth who are well accustomed to these current trends can be of great help. Involve teenagers from congregations who are musically inclined. As they can relate well to the children and act as positive role models. One can also organize joint sessions where older children mentor younger ones in learning modern instruments.

Throughout the discussion, the author doesn’t fail to say that we ought to be creative. Creativity like remixing traditional hymns or children’s songs with a modern twist. This fusion of old and new can appeal to a wider audience. Encouraging talented individuals within one’s community to compose original songs for children’s ministry.

Given our country, we are built with varied cultures. Therefore, the book also emphasizes ensuring that the music we choose represents the diversity within our congregation. Choose songs from various cultures and styles. To be open to different styles of modern music. Some children might prefer rap, while others enjoy acoustic ballads.

Sam T Rajkumar quotes Sally Morgenthaler who states that our worship in the Church has become a spectator activity rather than an authentic God encounter. Sam, thus, by meaning the same sentiments brings to discussion that the children are willing to experience Jesus their way but the elders are stuck to their own terms and conditions and past musical arrangements. Are we ready to take up this challenge to help our young children come closer to Jesus and help them have a wonderful experience of the Lord? Not just that, the author also encourages incorporating relevant themes where children can find happiness, and connection and deepen their life of spirituality towards having the beatific vision we are all looking to behold.

Adapting to the modern music landscape we may perhaps create a varied experience for our children and nurture their faith journey in a dynamic and creative manner. Thus, the author in his seven-chapter book clearly specifies steps we must take, but they should all begin with the Church organizing music seminars and workshops focused on children’s ministry to better understand the trends and to better create children’s music.

Music is a way to express our freedom in Jesus Christ, for sure, and no one can block it as it is a free gift from God. Let us, therefore, embrace the power of Music and help our children nurture their faith to come closer to Christ and be able to defend themselves while in the world and make this world a better place to live in. Resounding Faith: Embracing Modern Music in Children’s Ministry by Sam T Rajkumar truly encourages the reader to take steps towards embracing modern music and be the first person to revive the dwindling faith of children.


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