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‘Run Baby Run’ Ending, Explained: Does Sathya Manage To Escape The Murderer & Catch Him Red-Handed?

From the sound to the imagery to the rhythmic pace with which the plot unfolds, director Jiyen Krishnakumar with “Run Baby Run” delivers an excellent and intelligent investigative thriller that grips you irresistibly. Right at the start of the movie, we are given a warning, suggesting the mysterious and chilling tone when the body of a medical student, Sophia (Smruthi Venkat), falls from the college building. Switching forward and backward, the thriller manipulates, relieves, creates tension, resolves, destroys, and builds our minds, so we never settle for one particular state. “Run Baby Run” is fantastically conceptualized and executed.

Sathya’s (RJ Balaji’s) acting looks methodical in places but manages to pull off varied emotions like anger, anxiety, and stress. Jiyen Krishnakumar uses sound and music to intensify the tension while simultaneously visually representing it through an unintelligible, conflicted crowd. “Run Baby Run” presents the sad story of two orphan girls who are medical students aspiring to be doctors but are exploited, abused, and murdered by influential and powerful people. The evidence of murder is covered up to label it as a suicide, and the murderer walks free on the lookout for another prey. What stops the criminal from committing more crimes is the logically deduced evidence and the punishment that follows. Does the law always provide justice? If it doesn’t, does that mean we should take the law into our own hands? “Run Baby Run” leaves you with these questions to contemplate.

Does Sathya Manage To Hide The Dead Body Of Thara?

Sathya is happily preparing to get married to Priyanka (Isha Talwar), with whom he has just been engaged. He purchases a pair of gold earrings to gift Priyanka and show her that he is responsible and one of the best choices her parents have made for her. He picks Priyanka up on the way back, and as he proceeds to hand over the earrings, he notices a young girl hiding in the backseat of his car. He gets anxious and worried and wants to drop Priyanka off at her home and get rid of the girl in the back seat. But wanting to use Sathya’s car, Priyanka’s father requests to travel along with Sathya to Alfa Towers, drop off Sathya, and borrow the car. Sathya panics and, despite the tension, reaches Alfa Towers. The young girl then moves out of the car, and the car is taken by Priyanka’s father. Sathya is unaware that the young girl has moved out, but when he notices her hiding behind the pillar, he questions her as to what her intention is. The young girl, Thara (Aishwarya Rajesh), narrates her plight and requests to stay with him for five minutes and recharge her phone. Thereafter, she requests water and then makes a call, after which she gets to know that her guardian will arrive late to pick her up. Sathya is adamant about driving her away, but then Thara’s manipulative words, “But if I’m lying dead on the streets, don’t feel bad seeing the news tomorrow,” melt him, and he allows her to stay in the guest room in his apartment.

Sathya has a meeting on a Zoom call and goes to rest thereafter. Only when he wakes up the next day does he find Thara dead in the bathroom. Unable to think about what to do next, he informs his police friend, who suggests he dispose of the corpse at a faraway place. He packs the body in a suitcase and carries it in his car. But as he travels, his car breaks down, and when he is looking for a mechanic, he sees a private vehicle traveling to Manpur and slowly places the suitcase in the trunk of the vehicle. As they travel, the police get hold of the driver and ask the passengers to move out of the private vehicle and travel by bus. Sathya decides to leave the suitcase in the car. Driver Vinod doesn’t notice the suitcase but goes home with it in the vehicle. As he cleans his car, he notices the dead body inside. He tries to get rid of it by burning the body in a cemetery. But the next day, the truth is revealed, and when the police arrive at the driver’s house to arrest him, he commits suicide. It looks as if the murderer is dead, but no, the murderer is still free and monitoring all the events.

What’s Concealed Behind The Murder Of Thara?

Thara knew what had happened to Sophia, and since she had all the evidence, there were goons following her to fetch and destroy the evidence. The only person Thara trusted, in this case, was her guardian, Fr. Vincent. The murderer stops Fr. Vincent from helping Thara by causing an accident and gathering all the information about Thara’s whereabouts so that he can reach her, seize the evidence, and kill her. Thara systematically plants all the evidence in Sathya’s car and Sathya’s apartment drainage, which Sathya gets hold of later in the film. The evidence thus helps Sathya reach the murderer and solve the mysterious case of the murders happening at the medical college since Dr. S. Francis Raja took up his position as head of the department of forensic medicine.

‘Run Baby Run’ Ending Explained – Does Sathya Manage To Escape The Killer And Catch Him Red-Handed?

Like cab driver Vinod, who is unable to take the blame and commits suicide, Sathya too is almost ready to commit suicide, but a call from his mother stops him from taking the drastic step. His mother speaks to him and tells him that she knows for sure that her son has done nothing wrong and that whenever she is anxious and worried, all she does is think of Sathya, and the worry will disappear. She requests Sathya to do the same, to think of her when he feels upset. She also motivates him to find his way out and come out of the tragic situation no matter what.

When Sathya is adamant about resolving the mystery behind the murder of Thara, he is followed by the murderer and almost gets killed. But nothing stops him from getting to know the truth. The guilt of the suicide by the innocent driver and the murder of Thara in his house makes him all the more responsible for cracking the case. He manages to escape the murderer on two occasions: first, when he is traveling to meet his friend, a police officer, who wants to let him know that he has been threatened by the murderer to no longer help Sathya in the case. A truck approaches his car, but Sathya manages to escape the accident. Even when the truck driver attempts a second time, reversing and trying to hit the car, Sathya briskly moves away. In a second incident, Sathya is attacked by a goon who asks for the file containing the evidence, but the security guards of Alfa Towers come to his rescue.

Sathya builds a strong case against the murderer, Dr. S. Francis Raja, who, for three years, i.e., from the start of his tenure as the head of the department of forensic medicine, abused, raped, and murdered six orphan medical students and presented the cases as suicides. Not just that, he has sold the meritorious vacant seats to the rich, earning millions for himself. Linking the dots, Sathya was able to arrive at the murderer and find his way out of this mess. Sathya wanted to run from the situation, but he decided to stay motivated by his mother. His patience in waiting to observe, learn, and investigate the mysterious case helps him comprehend the web of crime, violence, and corruption.

“Run Baby Run” teases and thrills you because just when you feel everything is resolved, a problem arises with a distant but single solution.

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