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Share the Wealth Gained by Dangerous Lies

From the yesteryears, it is been told to the poor that they can rise and shine only if they work hard. Hardwork is the criteria to succeed no doubt. But have all those who are on the top of the game succeeded because of their hardwork? It could be, but along with hardwork requires the passion and vision to move ahead notwithstanding odds. It requires the support of like-minded people to assist one’s vision. It requires monetary aid. It requires people to believe in the vision you are beholding.

If all of this does not happen and you are left to yourself with no hope, you are told that it is not meant for you and that you are good for nothing. All your dreams will be shattered and pointless. Should we then say that many of the dreams of Indians are subdued? The present shocking and earth-shattering events prove it to us.

Not just dreams lives and livelihoods are uncared for. Migrant workers with no place to call their home are wondering about. A state makes effort to reach them back home and the home state closes its doors. A state at first doesn’t bother about the conditions of the migrants but then wakes from its deepest slumber realizing their importance. We are delighted although late to chalk out a successful plan to get the Oversees Indians, Non-Resident Indians, or Persons of Indian Origin back to India. But we have failed miserably to take home the stranded migrants. The government wasn’t brave enough to pay for the train travel of the migrants that the opposition had to intervene offering to pay and lighten the burden of the migrants. I wonder where the entire relief fund is proceeding to. Are they getting stored in a trunk like that of rich man Leonard in Dangerous Lies?

Dangerous Lies is a movie directed by Michael Scott. And the rich man Leonard (acted by Elliott Gould) leaves a lot of money in the trunk which is found only after he is dead. He is an old man taken care of by Katie Franklin (acted by Camila Mendes). Although he looks to be interested in the life of Katie and his earlier caretaker Ethan who is killed because of the conflict between him and Mickey Hayden (acted by Cam Gigandet), Leonard doesn’t pursue an investigation into the sudden disappearance of Ethan which one could argue, may be because he is ageing. But he was a rich man who had the possibility of roping in resources to examine the abrupt vanishing of his employee. But he doesn’t bother to disturb himself just like the totalitarian government of the time. Except for feeling sympathetic occasionally, yet again, like the twitterers who just tweet sympathy on twitter for the loss of poor lives.

Katie’s lover Adam Kettner (acted by Jessie T. Usher) is someone who doesn’t want to return to poverty and the age-old rat race after having been lured by the wealth of Leonard. He wants to accept the free gift received and make merry. His greed as against the passion to challenge oneself and stand on one’s feet leads him to tragedy. Katie is reluctant and feels uncomfortable to assume the ownership of the wealth and the house of Leonard. But her sincere attitude that doesn’t chase money leads her to great heights. Although wealth and money are a necessity they do not become the end in life for Katie. For her, their relationship and their union matter the most.

But if it was not for the death of Leonard whose wealth could be shared or enjoyed by those who do not possess it. Katie would continue to struggle and do a suitable job to meet her requirements. Does that mean we ask for the death of the Big Daddies? No, what we ask is to share the wealth gained by dangerous lies one narrated for years.

The dangerous lies have given you luxurious palaces to stay in, cars to travel by, food to gratify your pleasures, varied fashioned stylish wardrobes, and whatnot. And these migrants the rail track to travel back home, the rail track to rest their fatigued souls, the rail track to slaughter themselves neglected and broken-down, until the rail tracks become their only solace.

What are the Big Daddies waiting for, another tragedy to occur? It’s time to give wings to the Indian dream. The Indian dream that was envisioned by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam let us not be marred by misplaced optimism and collective delusion that it will happen with immediate effect. Definitely not, but the seeds of it can be sown today.

These testing times should allow us to create history, “History is theirs whose language is the sun” wrote poet, Stephen Spender. Are we willing to outshine or still act oppressive and authoritarian? Are we willing to give up the centralized power that treats us like puppets? Are we willing to listen to the voices of the poor? It is now or never. Let us join hands to share the abundance with those who need it the most but with a renewed narrative, a narrative that will empower the marginalized to fight bravely. And offer their contribution to the transformed narrative.

First Published on THE GOAN EVERYDAY newspaper

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