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'Vitamin H' a therapy for your mental maladies

'Vitamin H' by Abhishek Deepa Thakkar is a collection of 111 quotes and thoughts written with the intention to be a healing balm to the disturbed soul. The author has conceived these thoughts and penned them down for the benefit of the reader. One cannot simply read them in one sitting and not pay attention to the wisdom that every word mentioned contains.

Reading quotes in the morning helps create positivity around you. The quotes by Abhishek Thakkar create that magic of optimism. The quotes deal with varied topics and help the reader to overcome toxic people, pessimism, brooding over the past, winning and losing, and that we are precious contributors to make the world a better place.

Among these quotes, the following are my favourite ones:

"When the right time comes, you will see that the pain of living with the toxic people is greater than the agony born out of losing them" (Thakkar 1).

You are sure to be at peace when you get rid of the toxic people. By getting rid I mean to be aloof from the toxic people. Because either way, they do not benefit you.

"If they call you selfish for respecting yourself, delete their contact number and take an exit from their lives. You need the radiant sunlight of love and not the gloomy darkness of hypocrisy in your life" (Thakkar 28).

You will notice that you respect people but they do not respect you. And when you do not entertain the idiotic behaviour they feel offended. When you give respect, you expect respect back. When one doesn't know to reciprocate, it is best to avoid the person.

"You cannot win if you lose your battles in your head" (Thakkar 40).

The moment we lose a fight in our mind. We have lost it anyway. We need to be convinced of what we are doing and go ahead and fight with our might.

"Sometimes, losing a battle can mean that God wants you to win the war" (Thakkar 76).

We may fight but lose the battle. But from it may be the Lord wants to prepare us for something greater to come.

"The world needs a contribution to make itself better, stronger, and brighter. Don't let anyone undermine your confidence" (Thakkar 94).

The more we keep at it. The Lord will bless us with His grace. We will grow stronger and stronger.

"Love is not only a verb but also the ultimate herb" (Thakkar 95).

And in all this Love must prevail because it is both a verb and a herb.

The collection is, therefore, for anyone who would love to be optimistic in life. It is for anyone who needs a dose of positivity every morning. Read a quote and reflect on it the whole day, that would be the best way to treat yourself. The quotes and the thoughts will help in being a therapy for your mental maladies.

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