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What’s our Power Pill?

Before the outbreak of Coronavirus, the developed and developing countries flaunted their superpower card, but was it worth it? The American hegemony is failing in the fight against the virus, and India is no better. Clearly, the pandemic has taught us that power is not all we need in the world. An American superpower movie released on August 14, 2020, titled ‘Project Power’ gives us a glimpse into what happens when we crave for power. The movie addresses the power that leaders want to possess to govern the people. Alongside it, there are journeys of the characters that have special talents in them all and try to realize them within their capabilities.

‘Project Power’ directed by Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman introduces a ‘power pill’ that infuses superpowers in a person for five minutes. But the after-effects of it depends on how many pills one has taken and what kind of power one possesses. The movie became an instant hit for me when it tried to balance the ideas of taking the power pill and utilizing the power, and realizing one’s talents and trying to make the best of it by working on it.

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Art (acted by Jamie Foxx) possesses the power to initiate super-heated air that destroys a person by burning when one tries to touch it. Frank Shaver (acted by Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is able to harden his skin and become bulletproof; he is a cop working for NOPD (New Orleans Police Department). Robin (acted by Dominique Fishback) is a talented rap artist, and Newt (acted by Colson Baker) has the ability to self-immolate. Well, among these Art and Robin have the abilities naturally. In contrast, Frank Shaver and Newt can activate these abilities only when they take the pill. And that makes the movie interesting.

On the one hand, there are people who strive day in and day out enhancing their natural talents and the others make the use of power pills. In our day and time, nepotism is a trending word. Nepotism is like taking the power pill. Nevertheless, why should one worry when one has the talent and is able to enchant the world with it?

What gets us worried is the desire for power; we want to be greater than the other. We want to be superior to the other. And that is what the power pill does. It renders one superior and the other inferior. The movie is a reminder that we possess our talents but we ought to use them for one another’s benefit and not to overpower the others.

Art and his daughter Tracy (acted by Kyanna Simone Simpson) get trapped into the greedy world, who wants to use their DNA to prepare the power pill. Isn’t this hinting upon our unethical scientific advancements? When we notice that the DNA of a child is weak we try to enhance it with extra medication. We ought to be grateful to God that we are blessed with life. We ought to focus on the abilities that he has blessed every one of us with.

Robin is told by Art to utilize her talent and not run after money, which will not give her lasting happiness and pleasure. But what will a person in desperate need do? Robin was the only one who could be of help to her mother Irene (acted by Andrene Ward-Hammond), suffering from a chronic disease. But Robin could use her talent of rapping and earn money instead of getting involved in power dealing. There are ways and means to earn money decently and we ought to look out for those means. Unwarranted ways of earning money may be quick but don’t give one the contentment of earning it and neither the peace that one needs at the end of the day.

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In a few days, the vaccine for the coronavirus will be out in the market. Won’t we look at it as the power pill? When the least cared for, the poor and the sick need it, the rich are going to have their hands on it is guaranteed. Pope Francis said, “How sad it would be if for the COVID-19 vaccine priority is given to the richest?” He warned the rich on getting the priority for the vaccine. The Pope was clear that the virus has affected everyone irrespective of whether one is poor or rich, but wouldn’t it be injustice, yet again, if we produce the vaccine and give priority to the rich to get the vaccine? The poor must be our top priority. When we have addressed them and their problems we will be able to deal with social injustice and help prevent the degrading natural environment.

Now more than ever, we should be able to defend that humanity is powerful when it stands hand in hand in love. We must dispel the darkness of greed, hatred, selfishness, and jealousy. We must dress with the ideals of humility, sensitivity, care, and concern. Because these values will be our superpowers leading us on a long way and blessing us with more than what a power pill can give. Let us not crave for it, but aim for it, in the perfect way we can. We shall then end this fight for the project power all over the world.

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