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Carlos Luis was born and brought up in Varca, Goa. His determination in whatever he does has proved him successful. He is a topper in English Literature from Loyola College, Chennai. He is passionately a book reviewer, YouTuber, blogger, poet, and short story writer.


He took to writing when his debut short story titled, “Twin Triumphs” was published by ‘The Hindu’ newspaper. He has then written and still writing for magazines and journals like, ‘Rally,’ ‘Smart Companion,’ ‘Mother News,’ ‘Vision,’ ‘Prabodhana,’ ‘Mysuru Messenger,’ and ‘Pallottine Call.’ After he had sufficiently published his creative writing he decided to author a book titled ‘Rays and Ripples’ which was published by Authors’ Ink Publication on 27th January 2016. And on 13th May 2017 his book ‘Silent Whispers of Winter’ was published by Woven Words Publishers.


From then on his short stories and poems have been published in bestselling anthologies. He has also been the editor of bestselling anthologies like, ‘The Red Balloons: A Journey of Love,’ ‘Hung on the Cross,’ ‘The Betrayal,’ ‘Forever, A Lie,’ and ‘Haiku Poetry’ (World’s First Pocket Book). The journey hasn’t come to a standstill, every day he believes that his writing is getting better and better. That is what we notice in his critically acclaimed blog, ‘Unbeatable Combi’.

About UC

‘Unbeatable Combi’ was a remark made by one of Carlos Luis’ journalism professors with regard to the skill he possessed in drafting stories that mattered to all sorts of individuals. So, Carlos Luis decided to transform this remark into a realistic package of stories related to spirituality, artists expressing on canvas, storytellers etc. Unbeatable Combi is today an animated arena containing book reviews, feature stories, Youtube reflections on the Word of God, short stories and poems, beneficial and an attractive reserve for the readers and viewers.


Unbeatable Combi was first founded in 2015 by Carlos Luis, from then on it has been of service to every reader to choose the best of books and savour their taste of reading, and know unknown stories of renowned personalities. Unbeatable Combi has also assisted many followers of Christ to lead a holy life. It has sparked creative spirit to be in love with life through poems, spirituality and short stories.

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Unbeatable Combi, Goa  /  Mob. No. 8975042276

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