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Book Review: 'Flying Colors' by Chetan Singh

Unbeatable Combi Verdict: Simple to read, enjoyable, bringing to light lives of the Airport Crew or the life of the people up in the air. Fighting with mixture of odd colors in their lives too.

After watching the film ‘Neerja,’ a biopic on Neerja Bhanot, a purser for Pan Am based in Mumbai, has created respect for all working under risky conditions specially that of flights, aeroplanes and so on. Neerja was a stunning example of service and hospitality not just to the traveler or passenger on board but also to the terrorists who hijacked the plane. Similar story line is crafted in this book ‘Flying Colors’ by Chetan Singh. But it definitely is different from Neerja as it portrays fictitiously how five individuals working in these situations have to face their uncertain and tragic life.

This is a story about KK, Sandy, Samreen, Nancy, Rose and Oberio predominantly. The cover is apt to the story that runs throughout the novel. The story is written in simple language, not many conflicts to resolve so it doesn’t much attract the reader although there are romantic situations present in the novel. But having said that the story highlights the life of every character and the traumatic situation one is in despite of this fact they have to put on a face that is pleasing to the passengers when they are at work. Not displaying at all their personal lives but assuring a scared traveler that she or he is in safe hands when on board. There are a few grammatical errors which could be avoided if given more attention.

The narrative is clear and at times the author has tried to include poetry into the conversations and otherwise so as to change the mood of the reader. The book definitely opens to us stories of air-hostesses and the airport crew etc. and their lives. Although at times we are preconceived with ideas like, they are enjoying their lives travelling across the world. But they too have their bunch of difficulties to face. The novel also displays the lifestyle one has to adopt when in such jobs.

It is a story that one could read when one is on a journey, or when one wants to know the lifestyle of such personnel as mentioned before. This novel will certainly help relax your mind from the worries that you hold dear and consider they are the loftiest of all. Because it brings to light that every person has his or her portion of troubles to resolve.

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