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Book Review: 'Life in the Sunshine' by T. Sathish

If cricket is what you love, and if it is your religion so to say. This book is for you and you will certainly read it in no time. Everything in it is about cricket and all that happens around the game. The story or so to say the memoir of the three teenagers; the triple sundae gang takes you through their love for cricket and how they are super influenced by it.

Sat, Trib and Sam are trying to be influencers in their different ways in the cricket. One of them moves from one status to other and the other struggles to make his way through. The story runs a bit slower more so because the author has tried to narrate incidences that are known in the history although he does it in a fictional manner. The mid of the story is interesting and that is what works for me as a reader. How one tries to make cricket one’s religion and tries to sermonise on it.

The story is written well by the author. The language is jargon free. The cover is attractive and beautifully designed to match the story that is inside the book. The twists and turns that happen are notifiable. The story no doubt gets nostalgic and makes you relate to many incidences in the story.

Problems come our way when we think that we are at our best. The ability to face them and tackle them in the right manner proves one’s caliber. The characters try to sort out the problems that come their way when everything was going right for them. The triple sundae gang is a metaphoric example of the cricket crazy Indians.

If you are a cricket fan, if you breath cricket all the time, the book is definitely for you. If cricket is not your cup of tea, this book is not for you at all. The author has had cricket friends in his mind that it is written only for them. And cricket crazy citizens are more in India then those who exercise their franchise.

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